Mike Colon’s Seven Workshop – Newport Beach


The morning of July 31, I woke up to my e-mail alert sound. Turned over with only one of my eyes open, to see who emailed me. To my surprise, it was Mike Colon’s newsletter telling me to join him in sunny Newport Coast for  his brand new 1-Day Wedding Photography Workshop! There are only 7 seats and I belong in one of them!

I was still half asleep at the time, put my phone down,  turned back and closed my eyes. Then it  hit me, Mike Colon, a well known Orange County Wedding Photographer, is having a one day wedding photography workshop here in Newport Beach with only 7 seats !  I jumped up, sat on the edge of my bed, and used my iphone to click on the wedding photography workshop link. Why didn’t I just turned on my computer and register there? I’m not sure, I must be still half asleep.

When I clicked on the wedding photography workshop page, only one seat was left. Luckily, during the time that I was filling out my wedding photography workshop registration, no one was registering at the same time and I got the last seat !

On the day of the wedding photography workshop, I was nervous, I was excited, mixed emotions are running through my veins.  I checked my equipment twice, printed out the direction, and off I go… to a halting stop on the interstate 405… with 30 miles to Newport Beach!  The entire southbound of the 405 freeway was stopped…. besides the cars driving on the shoulder trying to get to surface streets.  My eyes are wide open, cannot believe what I’m seeing. Not now! I’m thinking to myself, Not today !  I checked the traffic sites and there wasn’t any accidents on this stretch, I have no clue what’s going on…. 15 minutes later, we’re moving again, and it was apparent why we all had to wait… Various sized rocks fell from a large truck, and any one of those rocks can put a hole through a car’s windshield. They stopped traffic to clean it up for the morning commuters.  I’m not sure when the rocks fell, but I’m so glad they came out and cleaned up the freeway. I much rather wait 15 minutes and not get a cracked windshield driving to the wedding photography workshop !

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Mike started out the wedding photography workshop with a lecture. He explained things in great detail and made it was very easy to understand and remember.

After the temperature cooled a little bit, Mike took the wedding photography workshop attendees outside for a sunset photoshoot. He  encouraged us to try different things,  experiment with ideas and technical settings that we wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to try.